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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Protocol handling review (proxy/etc)
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 09:41:25 GMT

As part of my smart filtering proposal, I'm looking to tidy up protocol
handling.  We have several loose ends to deal with:

* Zero-length responses setting bogus Content-length or unsetting it
  (e.g. bug 18757, mod_deflate compressing empty bodies).

* Failing to respect no-transform in a proxy.  No-transform should
  preclude not only content-transforming filters, but also those
  like content_length filter that affect headers.

* Different paths between cached responses and origin responses.
  Fixes to the above should not break mod_cache.  Is this a real risk?

Regarding proxying, several bug reports speak of Windows update not
working through an Apache proxy, but offer vague or conflicting
diagnoses of the exact cause.  Can anyone who uses windows update -
or knows how to find it - check whether it sets no-transform?  If it
does then the breakage is our fault, and the fix should fall out of
a general review of this.

Nick Kew

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