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From Rici Lake <>
Subject Re: The Byterange filter -- a new design -- feel free to rip it to shreds
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 20:01:40 GMT

On 1-Aug-04, at 4:41 PM, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:

> Instead, what mod_proxy could do is expose a user directive that says 
> 'no representation transformation allowed' and act accordingly: bypass 
> all filters except for the network filters.

In fact, if the filter chain cannot optimise byte ranges, there is a 
good argument for simply rejecting the byte-range request altogether, 
or at least to have a configuration directive which would allow that.

Otherwise, the server cluster is open to a very simple DoS attack: 
repeatedly request one byte in an ISO image and wait for the cluster 
backbone to collapse.

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