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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: BRIGADE_NORMALIZE is bad coding example
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 21:27:03 GMT
--On Thursday, August 12, 2004 5:03 PM -0400 Glenn Strauss 
<> wrote:

>  BRIGADE_NORMALIZE skips the bucket after a 0-length bucket.
> In doing so, it might skip a 0-length bucket following it.  If the last

IMHO, the cleanest correct fix is to just add an else clause.  At the cost of 
more variables, you could always use d and forgo the else clause, but I think 
that'll just confuse readers of the macro even more.  We also can't accept C99 
extensions.  *shrug*

We probably never hit this odd corner case in practice though because 
core_input_filter only has one of the following: one empty bucket, one socket 
bucket, one heap bucket, or a heap and a socket bucket: two empty buckets 
won't happen due to the design.  FWIW, BRIGADE_NORMALIZE was thrown out of 
apr-util because it was really bad to begin with: hence the comment ("This is 
bad.") and the localization of it to only server/core.c.  It was never meant 
to be an example - yet, this is a minor bug more than anything serious.  -- 

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