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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: ARM4 module for Apache 2, any interest?
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 17:08:40 GMT
Doesn't some de minimis treatment through the incubator still apply?  There
are two templates, one for a full project's incubation, one for a lightweight
pass through IP vetting.  ++1 here for submission to the incubator as 
a new httpd instrumentation subproject.  Also happy to help on the ppmc.

My own interest is snmp support - I believe my employer's port of mod_snmp
effectively was able to get at most of the operating parameters without extra
patches to httpd 2.0 (thank you to new hook flexibility!)  But having more than 
one instrumentation module will really show up any weaknesses in what we 
expose to monitoring, and help us correct them before 2.2 walks out the door.

-1 on experimental - it needs to die :)  Look how long it's taken to get cache
stable.  If that module was only placed in the main distro once it was fully
complete, it would have been finished far sooner.  In general, new modules
into 2.0 doesn't seem to make alot of sense since 2.2 will release before
ApacheCon (straightforward goal, don't you think?.)

One thought on 2.2 was to simply not place any unfinished modules on that
branch, and let them live on in the 2.1-dev (well, that becomes 2.3-dev once
2.2.0 is golden), until it can be released.  The modules can live in the "right
location" in a 2.odd-dev tree from their inception.


At 11:29 AM 8/11/2004, Bill Stoddard wrote:
>I've written a module to ARM4 instrument Apache 2. I'd like to donate this module to the
ASF and ideally put it in the modules/experimental directory (or somewhere else in the ASF
where we can place it under cvs control?). The ARM4 API headers are available from the Open
Group website at (I have not checked the license
lately. My assumption is that the license is not too restrictive, though I could be wrong).
I've heard rumors that HP may be making an ARM4  SDK publically available "real soon now".
>I would sign on to support the module if we put it in httpd-2.0 modules/experimental.
Anyone interested?

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