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From jean-frederic clere <>
Subject Re: [AJP] proxy status
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 07:35:53 GMT
Guenter Knauf wrote:
> Hi,
>> That seems rational to me.  The reason for proposing proxy-dev@httpd is so
>> that tomcat-dev'ers wouldn't have to swallow the full bandwidth of 
>> dev@httpd (converse of the problem where they asked anyone in dev@httpd to
>> follow tomcat-dev@jakarta for the duration of that proxy_ajp development).
> hahahahha! I get 5x++ more traffic from tomcat-dev than from dev@httpd and
> dev@apr together because: - the commit mails go to the same list as the
> dicussion stuff. - there are so many folks subscribed unable to control their
> mail server that nearly every day a couple of autoresponder mails come
> through the list. - there are so many folks subscribed unable to protect
> their machine from viruses so that every day some viruses come through the
> list.
> in addition its anyway a pain with the tomcat-dev list since it drops any
> attachments which makes it harder for everyone to attach a patch. Reason: the
> stupid and totally senseless footer. Even with the footer every few days
> another idiot asks how to unsubscribe - I think that proofes enough that it
> is useless!
>> So I ask our tomcat-dev'ers who are interested in proxy_ajp, proxy_balancer
>>  and so on - are you already subscribed/following dev@httpd?  Or do you 
>> feel a -strong- need for a lower-traffic list?  If no one complains loudly,
>> we will keep all proxy traffic on dev@httpd (cc's to tomcat-dev if you feel
>> a point needs feedback from the tomcat connector folks.)
> I'm fine with that. Since the code now moved into httpd HEAD anyway no jtc
> commiter can commit any more; I f.e. have only karma for the connectors,
> which means now I can only commit to the old dead code; so for me I see no
> reason to keep subscribed to tomcat-dev list; the few posts which are really
> about connectors I can read online, or wait a bit and then crawl though
> bugzilla when the problems appear there....

The idea when starting the ajp-proxy was to get it in httpd HEAD.
The first developpement were done in j-t-c (jakarta-tomcat-connectors) only 
because Henri, Mladen and I don't have commit in httpd and we wanted something 
running for testing very quicky.

Now the code is at its right place and we (as Jakarta committers) have to submit 
patches. (That is what we had done to get the commit rights in Jakarta).

> my 2ct.
> Guenter.
> BTW: also it was asked more than once for a separate section only for
> connectors in BugZilla - currently you have to do complex searches to get all
> the connector issues together since they are bound to Tomcat releases, but
> the connectors are developed independent from Tomcat.

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