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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] small dynamic config module
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 10:19:36 GMT
Hi all,

To be able to use the new proxy balancer to it's full
potential we need some sort of dynamic configuration.
The typical scenarios are:
a) Mark a node(s) as 'disabled' for maintenance.
b) Add an extra node(s) for additional load.
c) Change the load factors.

At first I was thinking to add that as a part of
proxy_balancer, but I have another idea that IMO could
be useful on a broader scale.

The basis for that dynamic config would be in the form
of memory .htaccess file that can be edited trough that
module. It will enable editing .htaccess files without
the need to access the underneath file system.

It will require only a hook inside ap_pcfg_openfile that
will open a .htaccess file as memory buffer.
The module will have a directory/location browser interface
with hash table keyed by /path/to/the/.htaccess.

It will also have a simple form setting posting data to
each particular location entry, with initial data set to
the content of physical .htaccess file if one exists.

Although very simple, it will allow not only physical, but
also and virtual location dynamic configuration.
I know there are zillion of other ways that can be used for
something similar, but IMO this one requires
no major core modifications.

The configuration would look something like:

<Location /manager>
   SetHandler dynamic-config
   ManagerDirectoryIcon /icons/folder.gif
   ManagerLocationIcon /icons/folder.sec.gif
   ... security ...

The output would look like:
of course the visible will be only the locations
withouth 'AllowOverride None'.

<dir-icon> /document/root/realtive/path
            [textarea with loaded .htaccess content]
<dir-icon> /cgi-bin/
            [textarea with loaded .htaccess content]

<loc-icon> /server-info
            [textarea with current .htaccess content]

So, the admin will have a option to browse trough
httpd tree, and update the .htaccess content that will
then take precedence over physical file.

Q: Will the module have a chance to get into
2.1 experimental, and of course I'd like to hear
your comments.


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