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From Florian Lindner <>
Subject Announcement: metuxmpma - multiplexer driver multiuser mpm
Date Mon, 23 Aug 2004 11:56:06 GMT
Announcement: metuxmpm - a multiplexer driver multiuser mpm

The metuxmpm team announces a new mpm for the Apache 2 webserver,
which allows to run virtual hosts under different host system user
id and group id. This allows reusing the host system's security
techniques for the webserver and makes user-switching CGI setups for 
server-side script processors (i.e. mod_php or mod_perl) obsolete.

The main setup of a metuxmpm driver webserver consists or several
processes: a "mother" process, responsible for starting up new childs,
at least one "multiplexer", receiving all requests from the clients 
and forwarding them to the right vhosts's processor, and the processor
childs, running under their own user id and doing the actual work.

Currently the metuxmpm is only running under Linux, since relies on
"socket passing", a Linux specific kernel feature. As soon as this
feature is available on another platform, metuxmpm could easily be 
ported to this platform.

It could be regarded as a successor to the perchild MPM.

Metuxmpm is still under development, but already working.

New contributors and testers are welcomed.

the metuxmpm team

In the name of all core developers and contributers,
Florian Lindner

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