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From Glenn Strauss <>
Subject Re: RFE: ap_input_mode_t as bitflags
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 06:51:13 GMT
On Wed, Aug 11, 2004 at 03:51:13PM -0700, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> --On Wednesday, August 11, 2004 5:16 PM -0400 Glenn Strauss 
> <> wrote:
> >I'm finding ap_input_mode_t very restrictive as a linear enum
> >and would like to make it an enum of bitflags.
> Please back up a bit.
> Why do you think the modes should be combined?  -- justin

Short answer:
I am refactoring most of the input filtering for more consistent
behavior and much greater code reuse.  However, two incompatible
changes are needed, and with Apache 2.2 in sight, I wanted to
introduce those changes now.

Those changes are: ap_input_mode_t becomes bitflags, and input
filters must check for bitflags instead of exact values
(mode & AP_MODE_GETLINE) instead of (mode == AP_MODE_GETLINE)
Also, AP_MODE_GETLINE should not return partial lines.

More details:
Why bitflags, you ask?

I had hoped to introduce this a bit more slowly,
but here is a brief peek without too much explanation:

I'd like any of the following to be legal values:


typedef enum {

    /** The filter should return at most one line of CRLF data.
     *  (If a potential line is too long or no CRLF is found,
     *   the line is not returned, an error is.)
    AP_MODE_LINE = 1,

    /** The filter should return at most readbytes data. */
    AP_MODE_BYTES = 2,

    /** The filter should pass any special buckets (not in-memory) as long as it
     *  does not need to perform any processing on them (translation or protocol
     *  delimiting) (augments AP_MODE_BYTES; mutually exclusive w/ AP_MODE_PEEK)

    /** The filter read should be treated as speculative and any returned
     *  data should be stored for later retrieval in another mode.
     *  (augments AP_MODE_BYTES or AP_MODE_LINE)
    AP_MODE_PEEK = 8,

    /** When reading lines, look for MIME-folded continuations as well
     *  (augments AP_MODE_LINE)
} ap_input_mode_t;

I think that input filtering is difficult to use and leads to a lot
of code duplication between modules.  For example, the behavior of
line-mode is vauge and requires that callers re-parse the brigade
to check for complete lines.  I've got a whole litany of things,
including bad code examples of brigade parsing in the Apache core,
but that's another post.

One advantage of the new API:
MIME continuation lines are used so often (HTTP headers/trailers,
email message headers, MIME encapsulation, ...) that they should be
part of the core API.  Instead of code duplication (witness
ap_rgetline_core() and ap_get_mime_headers_core() both implementing
continuation line unfolding), AP_MODE_LINE | AP_MODE_MIME_FOLDING
does not return a partial line.  It only returns a complete line
including continuations.  Simplifying things a bit for now, this
allows caller to know that if its brigade is returned non-empty,
that the line is complete, including continuations, without caller
having to re-parse the line to double-check.

(More posts to follow, but I do not wish to flood the list if no
 one wants to engage the conversation.)


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