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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Taking a broom to our modules
Date Sun, 01 Aug 2004 13:51:03 GMT
* Justin Erenkrantz <> wrote:

> --On Tuesday, July 20, 2004 10:19 PM +0200 André Malo <> wrote:
> > the old outdated NCSA config directives? We add and add and add code --
> > which is not actually bad. But where's the man with the broom?
> Sounds a like job for someone.  How about nominating modules for removal in 
> 2.1, or at the very least split them off to an 'unmaintained' distribution? 
> We can leave them there, but boot them out of our 'core' distribution.  2.0 
> saw the introduction of mod_dav and mod_ssl - two fairly large modules, but
> no real reductions elsewhere.

I think, this a good idea in general. In conclusion with some *very* easy
mechanism to add modules on the fly (something for a
revision?). Perhaps a standard module distribution framework like in perl or
python, autogenerated makefile templates etc.

Anyway I'd start the list with mod_imap and mod_cern_meta...

> My #1 vote is to throw mod_rewrite clear off the island.  =)  -- justin

;-) mod_rewrite is now maintained again (since my huge commitments some months
ago). Hey, it's even faster now ;-))

Winnetous Erbe: <>

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