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From Dan Wilga <>
Subject Re: Connection reset by peer errors in 2.0.50
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 14:48:06 GMT
[Let's try this again, with the right subject line. Please disregard 
the previous post. Sigh. Sometimes I'm amazed I remember how to get 
up in the morning.]

Joshua Slive <> wrote:
>On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, Dan Wilga wrote:
>  > [Fri Jul 02 11:14:30 2004] [info] Initial (No.1) HTTPS request received for
>  > child 0 (server [server name]:443)
>  > [Fri Jul 02 11:14:30 2004] [info] (104)Connection reset by peer:
>  > core_output_filter: writing data to the network
>  > [Fri Jul 02 11:14:30 2004] [error] 5894: ModPerl::Registry: Software caused
>  > connection abort at [path to script and line number].\n
>  > [Fri Jul 02 11:14:30 2004] [error] 5894: ModPerl::Registry: Software caused
>  > connection abort at [path to script and line number].\n
>  > If you have ideas about the possible cause of this problem, I can privately
>  > email you an error log of the SSL session produced with "LogLevel debug". I
>  > can also send you the environment variables at the time of the error.
>I don't really understand what the problem is.  The "Connection reset by
>peer" is a perfectly normal condition resulting from -- as you've already
>figured out -- the client going away in the middle of the response.  The
>only thing that I see wrong here is that your mod_perl stuff is generating
>a message at loglevel "error" which is really not an error condition.
>You'd probably need to address that on the mod_perl list.

I have two concerns:

1. The superficial one, being the fact that my ErrorDocument 500 
script is being called every time this happens. It normally sends me 
email every time a 500 occurs. Sure, I can (and already have) put in 
some code to ignore this particular condition, but it worries me that 
my script might now be failing to notify me of legitimate errors 
because of this.

2. The change in behavior between versions of Apache suggests that 
something fundamental changed in error reporting, and I am concerned 
that this might have other effects. I know that it's due to a change 
in Apache, because I did not change versions of mod_perl when 
upgrading Apache.

I will take your suggestion to the mod_perl list, to see if they 
agree that this condition should be re-labeled as "info"-level, 
instead of "error". However, I do think someone should reexamine the 
changes that were made between Apache 2.0.47 and 2.0.49, to see if 
there might be other, more negative fallout. I worry that changing 
the logging behavior might just be masking the symptom of a bigger 
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