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From "CHOU,TAIR-SHIAN (HP-Cupertino,ex1)" <>
Subject Bug in AuthLDAPURL?
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 23:10:16 GMT
AuthLDAPURL ldap://, o=Airius
require valid-user 

When I try  the above AuthLDAPURL example given in "Apache Module
mod_auth_ldap" document with 2.0.50, I get the following error:

Syntax error on line 19 of /opt/hpws/apache/conf/ldap.conf:
AuthLDAPURL takes one argument, URL to define LDAP connection. This should
be an RFC 2255 complaint\nURL of the form
ldap://host[:port]/basedn[?attrib[?scope[?filter]]].\n<ul>\n<li>Host is the
name of the LDAP server. Use a space separated list of hosts \nto specify
redundant servers.\n<li>Port is optional, and specifies the port to connect
to.\n<li>basedn specifies the base DN to start searches from\n<li>Attrib
specifies what attribute to search for in the directory. If not provided, it
defaults to <b>uid</b>.\n<li>Scope is the scope of the search, and can be
either <b>sub</b> or <b>one</b>. If not provided, the default is
<b>sub</b>.\n<li>Filter is a filter to use in the search. If not provided,
defaults to <b>(objectClass=*)</b>.\n</ul>\nSearches are performed using
attribute and the filter combined. For example, assume that the\nLDAP URL is
<b>ldap://, o=Airius?uid?sub?(posixid=*)</b>.
Searches will\nbe done using the filter
<b>(&((posixid=*))(uid=<i>username</i>))</b>, where <i>username</i>\nis
user name passed by the HTTP client. The search will be a subtree search on
the branch <b>ou=People, o=Airius</b>.

It seems to me, redundant ldap server separate with space is not working. Is
this a bug? I tried it with auth_ldap and it worked.


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