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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: setjmp/longjmp vs try/throw/catch
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 19:44:03 GMT
At 06:54 PM 7/19/2004, Nick Kew wrote:

>I have a couple of modules using third-party libraries that require me
>to supply an "abort" function (or they'll abort by exiting).
>For example, libjpeg in my mod_jpeg.
>My preferred approach to this situation is usually to resort to C++,
>put my code in a try/catch loop, and provide an abort handler that
>throws an exception.  However, this doesn't play well with Apache,
>and when I run it in gdb, the throw appears to generate an Abort.
>Switching to setjmp/longjmp does appear to work well with apache and gcc.
>But that leaves me wondering if I need to worry about thread-safety.
>Is using setjmp/longjmp with Worker or Windoze MPM asking for trouble?
>And if so, is there an alternative approach I could try?

IIRC - all setjmp and other usually-thread-agnostic calls in a normal clib
were redesigned to use TLS in the Win32 msvcrt lib, long before most
Unixes considered implementing threads :)  I believe on win32 you will
be fine, I'd be more worried about the thread implementations.

This sure sounds like an abstraction we should assist with using apr.


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