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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: broken pipe (was:Re: 1.0.0.rc2 tarballs now ready...)
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 23:35:23 GMT
If you toggle the 
APR_FILES_AS_SOCKETS constant back to 0
(zero)does this remedy the behavior you are seeing?


At 05:41 PM 6/30/2004, Jean-Jacques Clar wrote:
>>I am getting the following error when running CGIs on the current
>>version of NetWare (6.5 sp2):
>> (32)Broken pipe: ap_content_length_filter: apr_bucket_read() failed
>>I am working on tracking down the problem.
>Changes done to mod_cgi.c, mod_include.(h & c) back in August 22, 2003
>are exposing a broken pipe problem on NetWare.
>mod_cgi.c had a great deal of change in r1.153. I am not sure 
>what exactly is causing that problem. It is surfacing only now
>because of recent changes in the pipe code of our own library.
>At this point I am highly suspicious that the problem is in our library, 
>but it could also be in the http/apr code. 
>We are trying to isolate the problem and will update the list
>with any new info.

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