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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: Invitation to HTTPD commiters in tomcat-dev
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 15:24:19 GMT
Wayne Frazee wrote:

> Please pardon me for attempting to marshall the obvious however what is
> the advantage of AJP/1.x over HTTP?  

- Persistant connections, mod_jk use a pool of socket connections
   to avoid reopening connections between Apache and Tomcats.
   You could set socket timeout to make these sockets more or less
   persistant. Also socket keep alive could be specified to avoid
   firewall cut connexions without activity.

- AJP/1.3 reuse Apache headers decoding to avoid duplicate works in
   both Apache 2 and Tomcat, these headers are sent binary serialized.

- AJP/1.4 (AJP/1.3 successor), add negociation support :

   - Apache and tomcat could be used in a secure mode, ie they should
     share the same secret word.

   - Possible add-on is to provide compression and/or crypt of datas
     between Apache and Tomcat.

    - AJP/1.4 should add a 'service layer' which should be used to warn
      about topology update.

> Why is it worth the development time of apache volunteers?  

Well development is allready here, we only need to extract all AJP stuff
in a separate library (discussed in tomcat-dev).

> And why is AJP so advantageous over HTTP/1.1 that we should redesign
> existing modules to use it?

The initial invitation was Apache 2.x module expert advices to design
at the best the jk/jk2 possible successor. We didn't ask any httpd
member to work on it (even if there is some people involved in 
tomcat-dev/jk/jk2 allready involved in APR and Apache 2, ie 
Jean-Frederic Clere).

> I do apologize but I am not really familiar with the inner workings of
> tomcat as no webhost I have worked for to date has really pushed it.  I
> think the answers to these questions would be useful for all of us who
> are more-or-less "pure" apache users/devs...


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