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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: Invitation to HTTPD commiters in tomcat-dev
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 14:51:45 GMT
Manni Wood wrote:

> I very rarely post to this list, but I've been building web sites for
> over eight years, and want to chime in.
> In my experience building web sites for Fortune 500 companies (some of
> them Fortune 50 companies), the "get Apache to serve static content
> while Tomcat only takes care of servlets and JSPs" feature is a *huge*
> draw.
> But do you know what the biggest draws of all would be to any Apache 2
> module that connects to tomcat?
> 1. Fantastic documentation. I cannot stress this enough. Hell, I'd even
> volunteer for this part. The module iteself could be poorly implemented,
> problematic to compile, and have truly silly defaults, but if it was
> incredibly well and clearly documented, I'd use it over mod_jk2 starting
> tomorrow.

The documentation is bad, we all agree on this and when I take a
look at any Apache module the doc is way better. But the lack of
documentation is also due to the complexity put in jk/jk2 after
years of features additions without re-factory. Also jk and jk2
inherited this, was designed to work with Apache 1.3, 2.0, IIS, iPlanet
it supports also Domino and this cross compat stuff made it a very
different Apache module.

> 2. Barring my comments in 1, a module that really and truly works, and
> has useful out-of-the-box (or freshly-compiled) defaults. (Maybe even,
> by defalt, *only* passes servelt/JSP requests to tomcat, and lets Apache
> handle the rest automatically.)

Well documentation and good default are also requested by tomcat-dev
main commiters.

It's now time to refactor and redesign it with Apache 2.x (APR/AP) in
mind to follow Apache 2.x admins habbits and try to make something

We came on httpd-dev for advice from experts, and may be an
extended mod_proxy could be the solution. But we also want to keep
the AJP/1.3 and AJP/1.4 protocols since it works well and so a pure
HTTP proxy is only part of the game.

- Could mod_proxy be open to support AJP/1.x as tomcat connections ?

- Should we learn from mod_proxy to redesign something using AJP ?

Many questions which need experts answers...

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