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From jean-frederic clere <>
Subject Re: libtool (jlibtool)
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 10:31:06 GMT
Joe Orton wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 07, 2004 at 09:44:00AM +0200, jean-frederic clere wrote:
>>Joe Orton wrote:
>>>On Tue, Jul 06, 2004 at 03:35:30PM +0200, jean-frederic clere wrote:
>>>The aim is to ensure that the LIBTOOL variable in the installed
>>> points at the installed copy of the libtool script.
>>Yes, but I see 3 problems:
>>- On os2 host configure uses aplibtool, not libtool.
>>- When using jlibtool the command "sh libtool" fails.
>>- shlibtool (in SH_LIBTOOL) is changed into libtool.
> - it breaks if not using the bundled APR, since there is no 
> $(installbuilddir)/libtool then either
>>To solve those I would use 2 new variables INSTALL_LIBTOOL and 
>>INSTALL_SH_LIBTOOL and fill them in configure by something like:
> `basename $LIBTOOL` is known by configure so I wouldn't do that in the
> Makefile necessarily.  Is there a simpler fix for all four cases by
> changing the existing sed substitution on to something
> like:
>    /LIBTOOL = /s,$(top_builddir)\(srclib/apr\),$(installbuilddir),
> Can you try that?  

Won't be: /LIBTOOL = /s,$(top_builddir)\(/srclib/apr/\|/\),$(installbuilddir)/,

And we add the "$(SHELL)" at the configure time if needed, don't we?

> Does APR really install {sh,ap,j}libtool in
> $installbuilddir already anyway? I can't see where that happens.

The configure of APR "replaces" libtool by the executable it compiles. (See the of APR around line 150)
     # Use a custom-made libtool replacement
     echo "using aplibtool"
     if test "x$LTFLAGS" = "x"; then
     if test "$experimental_libtool" = "yes"; then
         # Use a custom-made libtool replacement
         echo "using jlibtool"
         if test ! -f $LIBTOOL_SRC; then
           AC_MSG_ERROR([Experimental libtool source not found.  It is not 
included with APR by default.])

shlibtool is not installed. BTW shlibtool is/was for libtool 1.3.x, isn't?

> joe

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