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From André Malo>
Subject Re: PROPOSAL: Enhance mod_headers as a debug/test tool
Date Sun, 04 Jul 2004 21:03:18 GMT
* Nick Kew <> wrote:

> (If this gets the thumbs up, I'll be happy to do the work:-)
> In testing new code, it's often helpful to simulate different
> browser requests, and responses.
> For handlers and filters, mod_headers enables us to set up testcases
> very easily, with the Header and (especially) RequestHeader directives.
> But that's in a fixups hook, so it's no use for any hooks running in
> earlier phases of a request.
> My proposal is to introduce an additional DEBUG keyword to the
> Header and RequestHeader directives.  Headers marked as DEBUG will
> be set in post_read_request, so they are available to other modules.
> Without DEBUG, it will default to current (fixups) behaviour.
> Of course, DEBUG won't work with conditional (Request)Header directives.
> In addition to documenting this, attempts to do so will log a warning.

Sounds like a good tool. comments from me:

- I would not call it DEBUG, but "early" or "setearly" or the like
- I'd just replace the env clause with that keyword (i.e. mutual exlusion)
- post_read_request is *really* early. So these directives would be only valid
in server context / virtual host.

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