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From Dmitry Koteroff <>
Subject MPM with DYNAMICAL user switching?
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2004 20:46:06 GMT

Perchild  MPM  allows  to  run  different  vhost  requests  under
different user accounts. But:

1. It does not support Windows at all.
2. It  does  not  support  child processes dynamic creation. For
   example,  if  we  have  1000 vhosts under 1000 users, this MPM
   tries  to  create 1000 apache children first. Of course, it is
   very hard to do; creation on demand and killing after inactive
   timeout is more preferably.

Do  apache developers PLAN to make new MPM (or modify "perchild")
which  will  support  dynamical  child  creation  by  demand (and
killing after inactive period)? As I see, there is no significant
barriers to realize this functionality?

I am asking because I think that I can try to do it. But there is
nothing worse than doing the same work twice.

  Dmitry Koteroff
  Chief programmer,

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