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From "Artem L" <>
Subject question
Date Sun, 04 Jul 2004 02:48:12 GMT

I'm working at implementing ACL extension for WebDav.

I have several questions:

How can I integrate my changes in mod_dav module into general apache


I would like to make several changes in the way of processing requests.

Namely, I want to make authentication be able for the certain resources,
not only for the whole directory.

I mean that WebDAV with ACL support has to allow to access to some resources
without any
authentication, and at the same time deny access to another resources
without authentication.

Also, the permissions are not static and can vary during the work.

I want to make some changes in the way of the general request processing,
namely, I want rewrite ap_some_auth_required method in the requests.c file -
 it will initially check Required directive, and then invoke special hook -
which will return does it necessary to make authentication for the
certain recource.

Then, any module will be able to registry such hook to make it possible
authentication for the ceratin resource (and customize it).

It will allow to use standard apache authentiaction modules with ACL
extension for WebDAV.

So, is it possible to make these changes?
and If it is possible I'm ready to send these changes.

thanks and regards

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