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From "Jean-Jacques Clar" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0 STATUS
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2004 16:03:06 GMT
Loading a process in its own address space require that all of the 
modules that it has direct dependencies on, have also to be loaded 
in that same address space. This is an expensive process, especially
when it comes to CGIs that are loaded to serve their content and 
then unloaded.
A marshaling layer exist between the protected address space and
the kernel to ensure that loaded applications cannot corrupt kernel
memory. The performance hits of isolating a process is not 
negligible. Process running in OS address space are also
easier to debug using our internal debugger then having the 
same process running in its own address space.
in two worlds: performance and usability

>>> 6/22/2004 8:34:54 PM >>>

Uh, then may I follow up with another stupid, obvious question, if
another address space insulates the parent application and, in some
cases, the server from a crash resulting from an unstable module, why
they all use the same address space on novell?  Does this compromise a
security measure in the case of a module fail or crash?

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