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From "Jean-Jacques Clar" <>
Subject Advice on bumping the mmn
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 18:37:14 GMT
A new API was added in APR (apr_procattr_addrspace_set()) with changes
bubbling up in httpd-2.0-head.The API is relevant on NetWare and a no-op
on all other platforms. If you look at the status file, the following
entry was added:    *) mod_cgi: Added API call and new field in
apr_procattr_t and cgi_exec_info_t 
       structures to support loading in current or new address space
for CGIs.
       It fixes NetWare that is currently broken after changes done to
log.c r1.145.
...       +1: jjclar, bnicholes
       trawick: is minor mmn bump needed to reflect that API structure
was extended? Should the mmn be bumped up or not?Minor bump is to inform
developers that something has changed that they should be aware of. What
else?Will people that are more knowledgeable please share their
understanding on the subject? Thanks,jjc-:

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