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From Norbert Veber <>
Subject Inetd support in "wait" mode.
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 21:30:22 GMT

I think it would be a useful feature for apache to be able to run from
inetd.  For sites with low traffic it doesn't make sense to have
apache running 24 hours/day taking up memory while not actually
servicing any requests.

I think the best and easiest way to implement this would be to support
the inetd wait mode.  This would work something like this:

-inetd answers connection, stops listening for further connections,
runs apache, and waits for it to exit.
-apache services the request, binds to the port and waits for further
connections exactly the same way it would in stand-alone mode
-after a user defined idle period (no client connections) apache
exits, and inetd once again takes control of the port

This should be much easier to implement that the nowait mode which
requires preforking and similar features to be disabled, and it would
actually work much better.

With this method apache could start up almost the same way it would as
if running in stand-alone mode.  Performance wolud be the same as in
standalone mode after the initial startup, and resources would be
freed during idle periods.

Would this be a good idea?  Comments/suggestions welcome.



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