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From "Kornél Pál" <>
Subject Re: Windows HTTP API
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 10:03:52 GMT
>>And I think filters that are processing raw data should be ignored for
>>MPM as they are not usefult in this situation and the raw data should be
>>recreated from HTTP API structures to can be passed to filters and then
>>reprocessed again. Other filters dealing with headers and entity body can
>The header filters are also useless in this regard.  Construct the
>from the header and request data from the HTTP_REQUEST structure and
>compose a new one, rather than reinvent the wheel.

You are absoultely right.
I just wanted to say that filters that require raw request data shoul be
ignored and only filters that use structured data should be kept.

>>And you don't have to take care of SSL at all, as you will see HTTPS and
>>HTTP request the same way. The only difference is that server certificates
>>has to be configured for SSL and client certificates can be retrieved.
>Which is why I suggested you look at the netware ssl module.  It is only
>sort-of working at the sockets level, the full blown winsock (which win32
>never truly provided) integrated all of the SSL support.  Likewise with the
>win32 HTTP API.

I thought you want to show similarities between HTTP API SSL and sockets,
but you wanted to show that netware supports SSL natively at socket level.


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