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From Edward Rudd <>
Subject IfModule symbol extension Backport request (PR: 29003)
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 00:52:11 GMT
I just applied this patch to the Apache_20_branch and the code applies,
compiles, and runs cleanly (only tested on linux RH 7.3).  I'm puttingthis
up for a vote to be applied from cvs head to the 2.0 branch.  twothings
still need to be test, the compile on Win32 and the compile on Netware.
they should compile fine, but a test is always a Good Thing.

I've attached a cvs diff from the 2.0 branch.
Here are the HEAD CVS revisions where the changes took place (rev 1.260)
build/build-modules-c.awk (rev 1.9)
os/win32/modules.c (rev 1.17)
os/netware/modules.c (rev 1.9)
server/core.c (rev 1.280)
include/http_config.h (rev 1.110)
modules/mappers/mod_so.c (rev 1.57)
modules/mappers/mod_so.h (rev 1.1  New File)

Edward Rudd <>
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