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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Proxy Cookie Support (Bug #10722)
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 11:06:05 GMT

I recently patched bug 10722.  My patch was against 2.0.49, for a Client
who needed it in a hurry.

I'm just porting it to 2.1-HEAD.  In doing so, I find there's an existing
patch that saves and restores cookies without rewriting the Domain and
Path components.  AFAICS my patch would/should supersede that one.
But I'm reluctant to do so without understanding the purpose of the
other patch.

The other patch is at

It appears just to merge Set-Cookie headers in r->err_headers_out with
those in r->headers_out.  The latter have just come from the backend
(the server proxied).  But how/why should there be (any) cookies in
r->err_headers_out at this point?  Presumably they'd be from the proxy
rather than the backend?  And why merge them into a normal 2xx response?

Nick Kew

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