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From Matthieu Estrade <>
Subject Re: util_ldap [Bug 29217] - Remove references to calloc() and free()
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 22:04:22 GMT
mod_ssl mutex are totally different. global mutex are used.

Actually, the mutex is in the module_conf, so i think when apache fork 
childs, this mutex is no more valid, and each child will have a value 
for it.
There is also in util_ldap.c, apr_thread_mutex_create(&st->mutex, 
This will alloc data for the mutex with apr_pcalloc, and i think it will 
be only in the current child.
I think there is a lot of work to make it work with global mutex.

After speaking many times about this problem on #apache-modules, Paul 
Querna said that it would be better to port mod_auth_ldap to 
mod_authn_ldap, and do module caching auth, for all authentication 
method. I am sure this way is really better and i agree with him. I know 
he started this cache module, maybe it could be good to continue this 
effort and on another hand, port mod_auth_ldap to 2.1.



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