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From Sumeet Singh <>
Subject Re: Dechunking code in Apache 2.0.49
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 18:23:53 GMT
I would think that mod_proxy should make an independant decision (based 
on compliance with the RFC, mod_proxy's configuration, type of origin 
server etc) on whether it should send a chunked or dechunked request 
body. For example, if the client sent chunked data that was larger than 
a configured threshold, and if the origin server connection was HTTP/1.1 
then mod_proxy could re-chunk the request-body.

I agree, that since the data passing through the filters is in the form 
of buckets - it has to be "unchunked" (and then filled into buckets).

Graham Leggett wrote:

> Jim Jagielski wrote:
>> I think there's been soem discussion, onlist as well as via Bugzilla, on
>> the best way to handle this. Personally, I think that if the client
>> sent chunked, we should pass that through to the origin server.
> As I remember, the client should try to remember whether the server 
> doesn't support HTTP/1.1, and not send chunked request bodies if so.
> Trouble is, the client sees Apache, which is an HTTP/1.1 server. So it 
> always sends chunked request bodies, because Apache is all the client 
> sees. So simply passing on the client's chunked response to the origin 
> server (whether temporarily un-chunked en-route through the filter 
> stack or not) doesn't seem to me to be doing the right thing.
> Unfortunately my copy of RFC2616 died along with my laptop harddrive, 
> so I can't check right now, but I will check the exact wording over 
> the weekend to be sure.
> Regards,
> Graham
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