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From Jesse Kielthy <>
Subject Re: Antw: query regarding Apache bandwidth requirements
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 13:31:35 GMT
My test-bed is 100Mbps links, so you're reasoning
sounds correct.

And you're right - I don't want to regulate the spike.
I just wanted to understand why it was happening.
Thanks for the explanation.


--- Graham Leggett <> wrote:
> Jesse Kielthy wrote:
> > Do you know a reason why there is a 3MB peak at
> the
> > start? Is it something to do with Server set-up
> > connection requirements?
> The 3MB peak is probably caused by your test running
> over a fast network.
> Apache will send as much data as your client is
> willing to receive, and 
> in this case, it looks like your client is willing
> to process 3MB at a 
> time. After this initial 3MB is transferred, fast,
> from the server to 
> the client filling the client's buffer, the client
> only accepts more 
> data when the client has finished rendering it to
> the screen, and that 
> would be at 200kbps.
> This behaviour is not due to any Apache setting, it
> is due to the nature 
> of TCP and how it works.
> If you want to avoid the 3MB spike at the beginning,
> you will probably 
> need an Apache module that limits the rate at which
> certain data is 
> sent. This has the unpleasant side effect that the
> client will no longer 
> be able to buffer the data, which means sudden
> network slowdowns will 
> result in jumpy network quality.
> You probably want that 3MB spike at the beginning,
> as it improves the 
> quality of your service.
> Regards,
> Graham
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