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From Tom Alsberg <>
Subject Re: Apache HTTP Server 2.0.50-rc2 tarballs available for testing
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2004 17:12:02 GMT
On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 11:30:22AM -0400, Geoffrey Young wrote:
> the process for adding new features to Apache 2.0 is to first integrate the
> feature into Apache 2.1 (cvs HEAD).  after that, the feature is voted upon
> for inclusion in the stable 2.0 branch.

Yes, I understand that...

So to ask differently:  Any work in progress to get this into the
2.1-HEAD branch?  I just don't want that patch to sit there dead.

Since my mail about it got no response, I would hope to know what's
going on with it.

> from the bug report, it sounds like not only is the feature not in
> 2.1, but that it hasn't been decided what its final form will be.

Given that nobody has said so much more, I'd assume nobody objects to
the current form of the patch.  If there's a problem - please don't
just forget it because the current form isn't to your liking...

> so there are a few steps left to overcome for this feature yet.

OK.  Any forum which might be more appropriate, if so, to discuss
changes to the 2.1-HEAD branch?

  -- Tom

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