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From Paul Querna <>
Subject 2.2 Roadmap?
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2004 21:56:37 GMT
I believe it is time to look seriously at what would compose a 2.2
Stable Branch. There have been various threads in the past saying a 2.2
stable branch is not far off, and with the impending of release of APR-
1.0, we should turn our attention to HTTPd. 

While searching for something else, I found this interesting quote from

On Tue, 2002-02-26 at 11:26, Dale Ghent wrote:
> There's no roadmap; There's no release date of any sort for the tree,
> be it alpha, beta, delta, zulu, red, yellow, or final. No code
> regression testing. 
> I kind of get the feeling that someone will wake up one morning and say
> "Hey, let's release 2.0!" and I fear that. Then the scramble To Get Stuff
> In ensues.

While I don't think the situation is that bad yet, there is a serious
lack of direction for the 2.1 branch.  The Roadmap is completely
outdated; it was last updated 19 months ago.

The 2.0 branch was made over 18 months ago, it is time to make another
stable branch. I believe many people want the AAA changes, and it brings
even more features to encourage people to upgrade from 1.3.

To better facilitate this, I would like to rewrite the ROADMAP with
specific goals for what will make up a 2.2 Stable Branch.  Lets make a
list of things that *must* be in 2.2, so we know when we reach our
goals.  Otherwise as Dale wrote in 2002, one morning someone will wake
up and say "Hey, let's release 2.2!".

This is only a list from my initial thoughts, please comment and make
suggestions. I will take the resulting thread and rewrite the ROADMAP

*** Outstanding Issues ***

- Show Stoppers in STATUS:

   - Handling of non-trailing / config by non-default handler is broken

   - the edge connection filter cannot be removed     http://marc.

- LDAP Authentication 
   - Needs to use the AuthN/Z framework
   - Caching Code needs Stabilization or Removal(see AAA Cache)

- mod_cache
   - STATUS says it still violates RFCs. Whats going on? Is anyone
fixing it?
- All Experimental Modules: Improve it or loose it.

- Make Worker the Default MPM on for threaded Unix boxes?
    - Vote in STATUS says this should already be done.

- Document any API Changes for Module Authors.
   - We want to make this an 'easy' upgrade.
   - Most of the work IMHO is APR 0.9 -> 1.0

- Make _private.h files for all functions that are not part of the
public API.

*** Borderline Issues ***

- mod_zeroconf
   - Offered for donation. Status?

- Event Driven MPM
   - Greg Ames has a patch to add this. Needs stabilization, testing,
and performance improvements. I would like to see it in 2.2, but I don't
know how much time Greg has.

- AAA Cache Framework
   - Caching Method for all AuthN/Z backends would be nice
   - Possible todo this *without* API Changes.(Could be done once 2.2 is

*** Issues for 2.3.0-dev ***

- Replace the Perchild MPM with a different/working model.

- Allow Arbitrary File Backends.

This is only my initial list, please comment and add more.

-Paul Querna

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