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Subject Re: Better error logging for mod_access
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2004 17:38:11 GMT
Mensaje citado por Joshua Slive :

> I can say with relative certainty that you won't get people to agree to
> that solution.  It involves a bunch of new complexity (distributing and
> compiling two almost-identical modules) for one new debugging feature.
> Opening httpd.conf and finding the LogLevel directive, which appears only
> once, should be relatively easy.

Fair enough. Really the question is how much of a nuisance the logging is
for normal operations. In terms of memory consumption, the best solution
would be to use the strings already saved, assuming that is possible (it
should be since the directive structure is available and it should not have
dangling pointers in it even if they are undocumented pointers.) I doubt whether
the extra characters in the log file are going to matter to anyone.
So perhaps the simplest solution is just to do it and see if it actually helps
the lives of new apache users, which seems to me to be likely.

> > > - You'll get more people to read your patches if you use "diff -u".
> >
> > Tastes vary.
> Yes, tastes vary.  But Apache has a "defined" taste:

That page says that diff -C3 is acceptable. However, I will redo it with
diff -u, and any changes anyone suggests in the next little while, and then try
to submit it on bugzilla as requested.


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