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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Rebuilding
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 01:31:31 GMT
Greetings, (MAO) has housed a listing for Apache Modules for
several years now.  In #apache-modules on Freenode IRC we have had many
discussions on how to improve the limited focus of the current MAO
website.  Our goal is to build a new Apache Modules website using a
native Apache Module, and for this module to also serve as an
excessively documented example of building an Internet Application with

Our plans for a new site focus on three main audiences:
1) People Searching for a Module
2) People developing Modules
3) People listing their modules for others to find.

Finding a Module: This is perhaps the most common visitor to the site.
They are browsing for a module to help them accomplish something.  The
area is somewhat addressed with the existing website, but is very
limited with only a simple text search available. Our plans are to
include a browsable hierarchical category system, in addition to an
expanded text and keyword searching system.

Developing Modules: An area of general weakness for HTTPd is the lack of
developer documentation.  The current website has a few links to mostly
outdated documents. We plan to address this audience in two thrusts.
First, provide concise tutorials by using simple modules to help people
just starting with Apache.  This could also include general overviews of
the Apache architecture and examples of the various handlers or filters.
Secondly, to provide a well documented complete application(the website
itself!) as an example of more advanced development and integration.
Additionally we would like to have complete and searchable API
documentation to help the more experienced developers.

Listing Modules: Our goal here is to provide an easy to use interface to
let modules authors advertise their modules.  The current website does
not have centralized accounts, so each module has a separate login.  Our
plans are to complete redesign this interface to have one account per
author and allow many more details of a Module be included in its
description. In the future we would also expand this to let other users
comment on a module.

We have an initial design document that outlines our basic technical

We are looking for feedback on our plans.  What do you want to see on a
new modules website?  What features are important to you?  What hurdles
do you see to a successfully replacement?  What other audiences should
we try to address?  

Thank You,

-Paul Querna

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