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From "Efri Nattel-Shay" <>
Subject Removal of "Server" and "Date" HTTP headers
Date Tue, 11 May 2004 17:31:57 GMT
My module (for Apache 2.x, I'm using the 2.0.47 code) needs to check the
"Server" HTTP response header.

{bg info begin
this is to see if a proxy module running before me had changed it.
bg info end}

So I hook using ap_hook_log_transaction(), and in there I check
r->headers_out for "Server". But it's not there! Someone mean unset the
header, in http_protocol.c - inside basic_http_header(), and it's too late
for me to do anything. The change is in version 1.400, and it still there in
1.479, as far as I can see:

What is there to do?! Am I doomed to write an ugly output filter for that?
If these headers are that unique, wouldn't it be a good idea to dignify them
with fields of their own in the request_req struct?

Efri Nattel-Shay

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