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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Any plans for 2.1.0 ?
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 10:50:37 GMT
when 2.1-dev splitted off from 2.0-dev I really was hoping that would stabilize the module
Well, that came true, and as expected we got a lot of modules ported to Apache2 since then...
but with the voting system for backporting patches I believe we did no good to the Apache2
project. Currently I consider Apache 2.1-dev more stable than 2.0.x because many things are
fixed in 2.1 which are not backported yet.
However, I dont want to critisize the system, I only want to ask for starting with regular
ALPHA/BETA releases of the 2.1-dev line. Let's make immediatly a 2.1.0, and then follow up
with further versions with every MMN change - we really need that so that the module authors
can start working on 2.1 versions of their modules...
also many want to see the new auth modules...

and btw since many of those from the Subversion project are also here one question:
while the mod_authz_svn sounds like a 2.1 module, Subversion self still uses APR 0.9.5; how
is it planned to be used?

thanks, Guenter.

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