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From mark <>
Subject Re: Discover which MPM is loaded?
Date Mon, 17 May 2004 16:04:22 GMT

On May 15, 2004, at 12:25 PM, Adam Tilghman wrote:

>>> I'm writing a module which plays with seteuid/setegid,
>>> and should therefore only be run under the prefork MPM.
>> at low level your reliance is on a single-threaded process handling
>> requests?
> That's correct - I'm switching UID/GID on every request based on
> the provided authenticated username.  It seems to me a multi-threaded
> server wouldn't be able to handle this situation very well.

You know, I'd recommend using apache in reverse proxy mode.
You can then implement a module that rewrites the ProxyPass destination 
according to authenticated user name. This is done my modifying the 
host/port component of the location stored in r->filename.
It looks like "proxy:protocol://host:port/file" when in reverse proxy".
If you hook your handler APR_HOOK_FIRST, but after mod_proxy, you can 
accomplish this. Then, the target destination would be another instance 
of apache running entirely in that user.

Of course, this would assume you have enough memory to handle multiple 
instances, and that you know the list of users ahead of time.

On the plus side, it prevents any potential wierdness with launching 
per-request server instances, and will be much more efficient in the it 
allows you to use threads.


>> ap_mpm_query() can check for such MPM characteristics
> Thanks! I'll check out that function.
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