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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject [PATCH 1.3] HPUX11 mmap & out-of-order fix
Date Fri, 28 May 2004 17:54:26 GMT
[I'm collecting and presenting a number of internal patches
which have been used and deployed in production for some 
time now... I'll toss out as patches and commit Tuesday
if I hear no objections.  Feedback welcome.]

When the ap_config.h logic for HPUX11 was added, that
#elif case was inserted *after* testing for HPUX or HPUX10.
It's entirely reasonable to find HPUX and HPUX11 definined
by the compiler.

This patch move HPUX11 ahead of the HPUX case, enables
the HAVE_MMAP and USE_MMAP_FILES logic, and drops
the misleading commented options.

I've seen where USE_MMAP_SCOREBOARD has been
un-commented without dropping USE_SHMGET_SCOREBOARD, 
enabled without disabling HAVE_FCNTL_SERIALED_ACCEPT.
The way these commented-out options were added was misleading.
I didn't see such code in other paths, so dropping the comments
seemed rational.

I didn't enable USE_MMAP_SCOREBOARD since both work, and
the Linux case prefers USE_SHMGET_SCOREBOARD where both
alternatives exist.  But, it has been tested, does work, and could
be made the default if anyone offers an argument to change this.


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