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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Free Microsoft Compilers
Date Sat, 01 May 2004 17:06:53 GMT
At 10:16 AM 4/17/2004, Jeff White wrote:

>The Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 includes 
>the core tools developers need to compile and link 
>C++-based applications for Windows and the .NET 
>Common Language Runtime:
>Microsoft C/C++ Optimizing Compiler and Linker.  
>C Runtime Library and the C++ Standard Library, 
>including the Standard Template Library.  These 
>are the same static-link libraries included with 
>Visual Studio. Microsoft .NET Framework Common 
>Language Runtime. Visual C++ can optionally build 
>applications that target the Common Language 
>Runtime (CLR).
>Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003

Thanks for the reference Jeff! 

Unfortunately it is missing the #1 bit we need to pull off a free 
build of httpd or apr, and that is nmake :(

It looks like, with a free make and awk though, the end user could
build all of apache with this compiler.  Hmmm, didn't the asf have some
sort of make environment (ant anyone :-?)

It also means folks have a full set of Win32 API headers/link stubs
legitimately obtained, that if someone built under mingw/cygwin/other
environments they don't have to grab a full-blown, overstuffed PSDK :)


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