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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: Building httpd statically
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 16:50:10 GMT
Graham Leggett wrote:

> I am having a moment: I am trying to build httpd statically, but I'm 
> struggling to find out how it is done.
> The ./configure script can be configured to build all binaries 
> statically using --enable-static-[binary], except for httpd for some 
> reason.
> Can anyone tell me how it is done?

I think the trick is to tell it how to link the modules.  Here's a piece of a 
config.nice I use for an httpd with a minimal set of statically linked modules:

"./configure" \
"--with-mpm=worker" \
"--prefix=/home/gregames/apache/install" \
"--enable-maintainer-mode" \
"--enable-log_config=static" \
"--enable-status=static" \
"--enable-specweb99=static" \

Hope this helps,

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