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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: HELP : File Descriptor -- URGENT
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 10:26:43 GMT wrote:

> This is my first message to the mailling list. I am runnig the 
> apache1.3.29+Vignette5.0 at solaris 8.0 . Whenever I hup the apache file 
> descriptor gets increased by 2 . But before the hup, no of descriptor 
> are 260 or 256 . After hupped the descriptor become 262 .After certain 
> period of time apache start throwing the error 'Too many file open..'. 
> In httpd.conf we have only one virtual host entry but there is no 
> logging enable.

Throw out all modules except for those that came in apache 1.3.29 tarball and 
try again.

> I would like to know.Why the file descriptor increases by 2. Which are 
> open files.How can i find the specific additional open file descriptor 
> after the hup. I used the tools lsof,truss,pldd but i am not able to 
> figure it out the root cause.

Comparison of lsof before HUP with lsof after HUP should show which 
files/sockets/whatever are "extra".

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