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From Kean Johnston <>
Subject Re: Apache 1.3.31 RC Tarballs available
Date Sat, 08 May 2004 04:14:03 GMT
Aaron Bannert wrote:

> I believe that a strict QA process actually hurts the quality
> of OSS projects like Apache. We have a gigantic pool of
> talented users who would love to give us a hand by testing
I agree, but there is also a protocol to follow. If a user
is interested in testing, they should join the dev or some
testers list. Can users even post to the dev list if they
are not subscribed (I dont know how the list is set up)?

I think it was wrong of whoever it was that posted the info
to slashdot to do so. I think the RM should be the one to
make the announcements when and if they deem it necessary.
I think people taking too much into their own hands can be
detrimental to a project more than helpful. Why don't we
just let Jim do his thing as RM and make the formal
announcement when he is satisfied that the release is ready.
If the dev team wants to solicit feedback for RC's then let
the RM do it - its part of the job description.


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