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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Need Help Debugging Shared Library (
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 23:50:44 GMT
Steve Waltner wrote:
> Since my submitted bug hasn't been resolved in the 9 months since I 
> first reported it, I figure it's about time I try and resolve this 
> problem myself since I do have the source code. I've done a partial 
> debug on the failure but can't get everything figured out since I can't 
> get DDD/gdb to debug some of the code (coming from apr_ldap_url.c).
> I'm currently using the 2.0.49 source tree for my testing. The problem 
> starts in mod_auth_ldap.c. When I load the source in ddd, I get an error 
> stating:
> Line 1 of "mod_auth_ldap.c" is at address 0x2ebd4 
> <derive_codepage_from_lang> but contains no code.

You need two things:

1) compile with debug symbols retained which you get when building apache with 

2) make sure to load the library from gdb (or DDD's gdb console):

gdb> sharedlib apr

or whichever lib it is.

You may find some useful notes here:
There are for debugging mod_perl 2.0, but most of it applies to any other 
shared C library.

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