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Subject HELP : File Descriptor -- URGENT
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 10:00:17 GMT


This is my first message to the mailling list. I am runnig the apache1.3.29+Vignette5.0 at
solaris 8.0 . Whenever I hup the apache file descriptor gets increased by 2 . But before the
hup, no of descriptor are 260 or 256 . After hupped the descriptor become 262 .After certain
period of time apache start throwing the error 'Too many file open..'. In httpd.conf we have
only one virtual host entry but there is no logging enable.


I would like to know.Why the file descriptor increases by 2. Which are open files.How can
i find the specific additional open file descriptor after the hup. I used the tools lsof,truss,pldd
but i am not able to figure it out the root cause. 


Plesae provide me the neccessary input.



Sonam Singh



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