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From John Wojtowicz <>
Subject FTP proxy broken for non-anonymous ftp in apache 1.3
Date Fri, 28 May 2004 15:10:55 GMT

I think a recent fix for proxypass with ftp broke non-anonymous proxying of
FTP, in
the Apache 1.3 proxy module.  

That fix for proxypass, took out the use of the parsed uri data in the
request structure, 
and instead opted to parse out the FTP request explicitly.  This is fine,
but the patch in question didn't account for the case where an ftp request
might be of the form

It also seems to hardcode the ftp sites port to 21 which is probably
for most people, and doesn't pull the port from the URI.

I have a patch fix that uses adds parsing for the username and the port
from the request.  This patch has been tested with mozilla and works fine,
but I.E. doesn't work for some reason.  Did authenticated FTP proxying ever
work with mod_proxy and Internet Explorer?

If there is interest in this patch I will post it to the mailing list.

A colleague and I have also uncovered what appears to be a couple problems
with the proxy cache code in 1.3.   One appears to be with the
function.  The other appears to be in the revalidation code and concerns
or not a cache file needs to be updated if ONLY the Date header has changed,
and nothing else.

John Wojtowicz 

Senior Secure Systems Engineer

Trusted Computer Solutions
2350 Corporate Park Drive
Suite 500
Herndon, VA  20171

P: 703-318-7134
F: 703-318-5041


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