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From Adam Tilghman <>
Subject Re: Discover which MPM is loaded?
Date Mon, 17 May 2004 17:18:44 GMT
> >That's correct - I'm switching UID/GID on every request based on
> >the provided authenticated username.  It seems to me a multi-threaded
> >server wouldn't be able to handle this situation very well.
> You know, I'd recommend using apache in reverse proxy mode.
> Of course, this would assume you have enough memory to handle multiple 
> instances, and that you know the list of users ahead of time.

We're going to be using this module to support mod_dav in a university
setting, with 30k potential users and hundreds of simultaneous sessions.  

It seems to me that running in reverse proxy mode as you suggest would
require one running instance per possible UID, which would be fine for
tens or even hundreds of users, but not for the number we have to support.

Am I understanding this reverse proxy concept properly?


-- Adam

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