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From Dermot Tynan <>
Subject Re: NULL Pointer in auth module (Apache 2.0.48)
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 19:26:58 GMT
On Sat, 2004-05-22 at 17:14, Patrick Welche wrote:
> Just been down that route.. ended up writing an "authentication
> provider" instead (mod_authn_pgsql (posted here), as mod_auth_pgsql
> kept getting a NULL user) cf mod_authn_file.c (or the posting)

I'm not sure the AuthN stuff will work for me, because I'm
on 2.0.48 and can't really upgrade it.  I have noticed though
that not all the request_rec elements are NULL.  the_request
has valid info, so do several other fields.  Except, of course,
for per_dir_config which is the one I need.  I allocate space
for it in just the same way as mod_auth.c does, I've stubbed
out most of my auth code except for the basics, and I still
can't get a request_rec structure passed to me with a valid
per_dir_config struct.  Again, this works just fine and dandy
on my own FreeBSD system but it's the customers SuSE box that
is giving me grief.  It's a multiprocessor system, but given
the fact that I'm running in prefork, that shouldn't make any
difference.  I'm almost at the point of telling them to
ditch SuSE in favour of FreeBSD but I can't really imagine
why that would be the problem.  Does anyone have any ideas?
					- Der
Dermot Tynan
Kalopa Media Limited

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