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From Andre Luís Quintaes Guimarães <>
Subject Re: trying to fix a bug: Proxying indexes
Date Mon, 24 May 2004 04:45:14 GMT
Again I ask for excuses, I have been trying to fix this for a month, today after deciding dedicate
more time and mess a little bit with the code by myself, I found that this is the problem

    /* is this for us? */
    if ( !r->proxyreq || !r->filename || strncmp(r->filename, "proxy:", 6) != 0)
        return DECLINED;

In my debugging I found out that mod_proxy_http returns proxyreq=2 (correct), but somewhere
it gets lost (in mod_rewrite it seems) and for my subreq scenario when apache reaches the
above code, proxyreq is null.

My fix:
As any proxy request must start with proxy: i thought that !r->proxyreq was redundant,
so I took it out.

    /* is this for us? */
    if ( !r->filename || strncmp(r->filename, "proxy:", 6) != 0)
        return DECLINED;
I now this is wrong and its a mess, so I still would appreciate if anyone point me the correct
fix because there are too many changes mentioning proxyreq on mod_rewrite (it looks like the
problem now still lies on mod_rewrite.c) for me to figure out exactly what I need. The right
thing would be to correctly pass r->proxyreq, anyone knows how? Sorry for profanating such
nicely writen code with such a lame fix :P

I havent tested it enough, its working alright for now (on a test server), but Im afraid to
put it in production with hundreds of vhosts, can anyone foresee problems in it? Is it safe
to use?

btw, apache is wonderful, keep up the great work
  ----- Original Message ----- 
  [Sun May 23 21:56:49 2004] [debug] proxy_http.c(109): proxy: HTTP: canonicalising URL //
  [Sun May 23 21:56:49 2004] [error] [client] File does not exist: proxy:http://www.t5

  What I understood is that mod_proxy_http received the requested, but handled incorrectly
as it tries to find the file proxy: on the site, kinda silly.

  Thanks again, 
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