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From "Jeff White" <>
Subject Windows XP SP2 - Windows Installer 3.0
Date Fri, 21 May 2004 17:00:05 GMT

Even though Joshua says Windows XP SP2
reports are "off limits" for Apache lists....

> Jeff, this is not appropriate content 
> for the Apache users list.  (And
> it i *especially* not appropriate for dev@httpd.)

Windows Installer 3.0 comes with
Windows XP SP2

The below are from beta docs:


Windows Installer service is no longer interactive

Detailed description

The Windows Installer service runs in the security 
context of the Local System account. In previous 
versions of Windows, the service attribute of Windows 
This made the Windows Installer service interactive. 
An interactive service can display its own user interface 
and receive user input and may be a security vulnerability.
Because of this, the Windows Installer 3.0 service is no 
longer interactive.

Why is this change important

Interactive services running under the Local System 
context allow users to post messages to a program 
running in a different security context and may allow 
some types of attacks to occur.

What threats does it help mitigate?

Users will not be able to interact with the Windows 
Installer service.


Heard anything?

April 13, 2004


Q:What's new in MSI 3.0 from MSI 2.0?
A: MSI 3.0 is focused on application servicing.
New features in MSI 3.0 include the ability to
uninstall patches, ability to create delta-compression
patches without source requirements, ability to
sequence patches, ability to bless patches for
application by non-administrators to elevated
installs, static source list management, and
richer set of inventory API.

Q: When will MSI 3.0 be released? (dates.... please)
A: MSI3.0 is slated for release with Windows
XP/SP2 - Q4/2004. We will also provide a redist
release for MSI3.0 that targets Win2k/SP3 and higher,
Windows XP - RTM and SP1 and Windows 2003
Server RTM within a couple of weeks of the Windows
XP/SP2 release.

Q: Can I use MSI 2 and MSI 3 together on one Machine?
A:MSI20 and MSI30 cannot coexist on one machine.
Upon install, all MSI20 binaries will be upgraded to
version 3.0.

Q: Can I install MSI 3 on Win9x Machines?
A: No. MSI3.0 will only be supported on Windows
2000 SP3 and higher, Windows XP and Windows
Server 2003.

Q: How will WIX affect MSI 3.0?
A: WIX is the Windows Installer XML authoring tool.
It doesn't have a direct affect on MSI 3.0. The WIX
authoring tool makes it possible to author installation
packages using XML and to easily integrate building
packages in a build environment. Future enhancements
to WIX may make it easier to build patches as well -
something well-served by MSI 3.0

Q: If MSI 3.0 is included in SP2, will it be possible to
not install MSI 3.0 as part of the upgrade?
A: MSI30 is part of the WinXP/SP2 release. When you
upgrade to SP2, you get MSI3.0. There is no mechanism
to not install MSI3.0 as part of the upgrade to xpsp2


Windows Installer - MSI3.0


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