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From "Max Bowsher" <>
Subject Broken server/exports.c generated when --with-apr=/usr
Date Sun, 16 May 2004 17:24:40 GMT
Apache is failing to build for me, because of a flaw in the exports.c generation. I am using
an APR and APR-Util pre-installed into
/usr. This causes the generated exports.c to included every *.h file in /usr/include. Since
some of these are C++ only, and others
have conflicting definitions, this breaks. I think the solution is to modify server/
to only pass ap[ru].h and ap[ru]_*.h
from $(APR_INCLUDEDIR) and $(APU_INCLUDEDIR) to exports generation. Since the other $(EXPORT_DIRS)
are all within the source tree,
the existing pattern of *.h is ok for them.

Does this seem like the correct solution?

Apache version: 2.0.49
OS: Cygwin (on Windows XP)


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