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From Andre Luís Quintaes Guimarães <>
Subject trying to fix a bug: Proxying indexes
Date Sun, 23 May 2004 23:07:11 GMT
Hello fellows,

    Im having lots of trouble trying to fix an old bug on 2.0.46. Im a hosting provider and
to serve both asp (served by a windows server on my local network) and php,perl,java,etc (server
by linux server with apache) on the same site), I use rewrite rules to *.asp for a virtual
host on my iis server. Everything works fine, until you get a request for / , so mod_dir comes
into action and generates subrequests, when if find index.asp, its subrequest doesnt get processed
by mod_rewrite. Searching on the bug archive I found a similar problem people where having
with shtml pages and subrequests, so I patched mod_rewrite and now the subrequest is processed,
mod_rewrite matches the regexp and says that its redirecting the request. But it doesnt get
redirected (gets ignored by mod_dir) and mod_dir goes on trying to find other indexes.
    I tried using http 2.1 and it worked fine, but when I use the modules (mod_dir and mod_rewrite)
compiled for 2.1 on 2.0.46 (I hacked the MAJOR so apache wont complain) I get segfaults. I
would be extremely grateful if anyone could point me out how to patch my 2.0.46 since using
2.1 on my production server would be too risk.
    Right now Im trying to use this patch:*checkout*/httpd-2.0/modules/mappers/mod_dir.c?rev=1.44
but it seems like I need something else.

Thanks in advance
André Guimarães 
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