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From Nick Kew <>
Subject mod_deflate updates
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2004 21:09:12 GMT


I've made a couple of patches to mod_deflate.  Basically I need to be
able to deploy a content-transforming filter in a proxy, and I want
that to work with compressed content coming from a backend.  This is
a subject that has been on the apache-modules wishlist for a while.

The attached module is mod_deflate with two fixes.

(1) (trivial)
	The DEFLATE output filter compresses if and only if gzip
	is in an Accept-Encoding Request header.  I've modified it
	to accept Accept-Encoding in r->notes if it's not in
	r->headers_in.  This means a module that unsets the
	Accept-Encoding Request Header for a proxy request can set
	it in Notes instead, and DEFLATE content-negotiation with
	the browser works even if we disable it in the backend.

(2) (in need of scrutiny)
	I have added an INFLATE output filter, to put in front of a
	content-transforming proxy and uncompress gzipped content
	coming from a backend server.  As I don't understand the
	libz stuff, this was very much feeling my way - based on
	the DEFLATE input filter.  It works in my simple tests.

If anyone finds the time to review this, please let me have your
feedback.  If people find it useful then good!

Once it's had a bit more exposure, I'll have a look at the docs
and style guide, and turn it into a patch.

Nick Kew

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